Where is Patches in Elden Ring?

Is there a patch in Elden Ring? By now, everyone knows the famous FromSoftware thief and his penchant for showing up in games to kick you in holes and lock you behind the door, all in the hope of robbing your corpse. But, oddly enough, Patch is not a bad guy. More often than not, he actually leads you on the path or helps you find something important – it just so happens that these important things are in areas containing terrible enemies. And when you actually confront him and tell him that trying to kill you wasn’t cool, he’ll apologize and explain that he just can’t help himself.

So he will appear in the new game? If you don’t want to get hurt, don’t read any further. Otherwise, read on and I’ll explain all the rumors and skirmishes you might have with the famous Patches.

Location of Elden Ring patches

Stormvale Castle
Your first encounter with Patch will most likely happen when you travel to Stormvale Castle. If you go the other way, you will eventually notice a doorway to a dark room, but when you go inside, the door will close, and you will hear a chuckle. You will quickly realize that a powerful exiled knight is in the room with you. However, if you manage to kill him, there is a key in the chest in the far corner to unlock the door at the end of the corridor leading to the castle. See? The patch was just trying to help you.

Dark Water Cave
If you decide to go to the dungeon before the assault on Stormvale Castle, you can meet Patch here. When you get to Murkwater Cave, you’ll be attacked by Neridius Bloodfinger, but Yura will soon appear to help you. Once that’s done, go inside to find a cave with traps on the floor and enemies scattered around. Go straight through the tunnel to the boss. There is a chest in the center of this room, but as soon as you open it, Patch will appear and try to rob you. If you kill him before half HP, he will surrender, allowing you to chat with him while he explains how he got into bad company. He will also tell you about his new in-game nickname: Patches the Untethered.

We don’t know where the Patch will go after this, but we’ll be sure to update this when we find out!

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