Where To Buy Triangle Strategy On Switch

Triangle Strategy, Square Enix’s latest HD-2D tactical RPG and successor to the great Octopath Traveler, is now available on Nintendo Switch. We are monitoring all available deals and have updated this guide with the latest prices (please note that the Tactician Limited Edition is currently sold out on the My Nintendo Store, but is now available from Amazon, A GAME as well as ShopTo).

If you’re hoping to find out if the game is right for you, be sure to read our full review. However, if you’re all set and ready to pick up a copy, read on to find the lowest prices, best deals, and check for a special edition of the game.

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Buy a triangle strategy in the UK

Several options are available in the UK for both Tactician’s Limited Edition and Standard Edition, including some heavily discounted.

While GAME and the Nintendo Store sell the game at full price, any orders placed there will come with pre-order bonuses, as detailed further down this page.

US Triangle Buying Strategy

In the US, there is nothing to stop you from saving money, but there are plenty of reputable stores to choose from:

Triangle Strategy – Switch Specials

Triangle Strategy

In Europe, fans can purchase a limited edition of the beautiful Tactician’s. This special edition includes the game, six individual dice, a deck of playing cards, a steel book, a double-sided poster, and a collector’s box.

Have there been any pre-order bonuses for Triangle Strategy on Switch?

Triangle Strategy

If you pre-ordered Triangle Strategy from My Nintendo Store UK, either physically or digitally, you received a free Collector’s Card Pack.

If you have pre-ordered standard physical version or Limited edition tactic From GAME, you received both the collectible card set and the notepad pictured above!

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