Where to find Platinum Ingots and get Divine Rarity armor in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

Divine Rarity armor is now available in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: Dawn of Ragnarok, but you’ll need a special item to craft it. If you have Dawn of Ragnarok installed, you will be able to upgrade any piece of armor or weapon to Divine Rarity, including the new Twilight and Allfather armor sets and Atgeir weapon. While it looks super cool, Divine Equipment will also have additional stats and rune slots available, so let’s see how to craft it.

How to Craft Divine Rarity Gear in Dawn of Ragnarok

By now, you’re used to finding materials in Valhalla that will allow you to craft mythic gear, and to take a step up to the divine, you’ll need Platinum Bars in Svartalfheim. They replace tungsten as wealth on the new map, so head towards the fat yellow circles and open big chests to get some of them. You will find one or more Platinum Bars in raid locations throughout Svartalfheim, as well as the most important Silica for your Hugr-Rip– so go on raids and take all the riches you can.

Once you have a few ingots, head to any hideout and talk to the blacksmith to upgrade your gear. You’ll receive three upgrade nodes, items will take on their final cosmetic form, and you’ll have up to three rune slots. Another great thing about a full set of Divine Armor is that in Svartalfheim, Xavi won’t take fall damage, so you can jump off the highest peaks as much as you want.


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