Where To Find The Meteorite Staff In Elden Ring

The Elden Ring Meteor Staff is one of the best magical weapons you can use in the mid-game. It has the best intelligence scaling of any early game stave and even gives a passive buff to gravity-based spells. There is no way to upgrade the staff, so you will eventually outgrow it. Pair it with a strong Gravity spell early in the game, and it’s priceless. To get it, you will have to face the dangers of Camelid. However, it is possible to slip through and grab the staff without running into enemies.

Where to get meteor staff in Elden Ring

The meteor staff is found on a corpse hanging from a tower window in the Street of the Sages, on the edge of the Eonia Swamp. The fastest way to get here is to use the trap at the Dragonburned Ruins in Limgrave. Go down the stairs on the northern edge of the ruins, near the place where the enemies are muttering dragon chants, and deal with the rats in the room. Using magic is a good idea as the rats can easily overwhelm you in melee.

The enemies here are also a good source of runes in the early game.

Open the chest in the room at the end and stand in the smoke. This is a trap that takes you to the Crystal Tunnels of Sellia in Caelida, a dangerous area from which you cannot escape until you rest in another Place of Grace. Wait for the centipede soldier to pass by, turn right and follow the tunnel until you can turn left again. Dodge as much as you can while running while the centipede warriors behind you fire deadly projectiles that can kill you in two hits.

Turn right at the effigy of the martyr, activate the place of grace and rest. Exit the tunnels, call Torrent, and drive southwest through the swamp.

If you travel through the swamp on foot, you will quickly succumb to the Scarlet Rot.
If you travel through the swamp on foot, you will quickly succumb to the Scarlet Rot.

Eventually, you will reach the ruins of the Street of the Sages. Keep going until you see stone steps. At the top is the building you are looking for. There are some scarlet rot plants in the body room. You can defeat them if you wish, or jump off the Torrent and walk along the outer edge to grab the staff. You need 18 Intelligence to manage it effectively.

Characteristics of the meteor staff

Here’s what to expect from a meteor staff.


  • Physics: 39
  • Magic: 0
  • Fire: 0
  • Lightning: 0
  • Saint: 0
  • Critical: 0
  • Affliction: 60

watch over

  • Physical: 28
  • Magic: 17
  • Fire: 17
  • Lightning: 17
  • Saint: 17
  • Promotion: 17


  • Intelligence: S
  • Strength: D

Location of the Rock Sling Gravity spell in Elden Ring

Return to Torrent and head north until you see a large archway. Turn left there and you will see a ladder in the middle of the area. Avoid the centipede magicians, go down the stairs, and in the chest inside you will find a stone sling.

Rock Dash is a powerful Gravity spell that throws three rocks at enemies. It’s a bit sketchy at close range, although it also deals physical damage, making it handy for dealing with most types of enemies. Like Meteor Staff, this spell requires 18 Intelligence. Gravity spells are effective against most bosses as well, so consider using this in your fights with Margit and Godric.

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