Why Genshin Impact Dev MiHoYo Is Investing In Fusion Energy

MiHoYo is best known as the studio behind the absurdly successful Genshin Impact, a free-to-play open-world RPG that makes billions of dollars every year. But MiHoYo has another purpose: science.

According to PandailyMiHoYo is a major investor in Energy Singularity, a startup exploring commercial fusion technologies. Founded by a group of experts from the best universities in the world, the company was able to raise $63 million in the first round of funding. Other investors include NIO Capital, Seed Fund Sequoia China, and BlueRun Ventures.

Energy Singularity is working on a tokamak reactor, a device in which powerful magnets hold plasma particles together to achieve nuclear fusion. Tokamak reactors have been around for decades, but recent advances in fusion technology have raised hopes that a commercial reactor will soon become viable.


Tokamak Reactor (Source: US Department of Energy)

Tokamak Reactor (Source: US Department of Energy)

Commercial fusion would have major implications for the world’s energy consumption, using the energy of the sun to produce virtually limitless clean energy. As we speak, a giant reactor called ITER, or the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor, is being built in France to achieve the burning plasma state that is critical to sustained fusion.

To give you an idea of ​​the power of these reactors, ITER’s central solenoid – the strongest of its magnets – can actually lift an American aircraft carrier out of the ocean.

“Techno Otaku Save the World”

So why is MiHoYo suddenly so interested in fusion energy? This is built into the company motto: “Tech Otakus Save the World.” This spirit has attracted investment in projects such as brain-computer interfaces, just like great interest in the Metaverse.

MiHoYo’s interest in science should come as no surprise, given his roots. It was founded by Cai Haoyu, Liu Wei, and Luo Yuhao, who met as graduate students in the engineering department of Shanghai Jiao Tong University and founded the studio out of a mutual love for anime. Seemingly little interested in making extra money – MiHoYo recently pulled out of a sizeable investment from Tencent – the studio has funneled its profits elsewhere.

Meanwhile, MiHoYo continues to enjoy great success with Genshin Impact. Earlier this month, Genshin Impact released version 2.5 with a new playable character, Yae Miko. We also named it one of the best current games of 2021. For more scientific information, check out this story about an artificial fish made from human heart cells, as well as NASA’s plans for the International Space Station after its decommissioning in 2030.

Best Current Game of 2021

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