Will Smith And Michael B. Jordan To Produce, Star In I Am Legend Sequel

Zombies never stay dead, just like zombie movies.

I Am Legend is back for the second round. However, this time Black Panther and Creed actor Michael B. Jordan will be joining star Will Smith. Deadline reports. The sequel, I Am Legend, marks the first collaboration between the two stars. In addition to starring in the film, the duo will also be producing. Akiva Goldsman, who wrote the original adaptation, will also reportedly write the sequel. Goldsman is a prolific writer, having been named in films such as Batman & Robin and A Beautiful Mind, as well as countless television episodes of series such as Fringe and Titans.

Deadline says that the exchanges for Smith, Jordan, and Goldsman are secure, but a manager has finally to be specified.

The 2007 film was an adaptation of Richard Matheson’s 1954 short story, which is about a man living alone in a world of vampires – they are clearly vampires in the book, down to garlic and an aversion to sunlight. Eventually, the protagonist learns that he is a boogeyman in this new society of creatures, and not vice versa – he is a legend that parents warn their children about. he realized that the creatures called hemocytes in the film had higher brain functions and that he had kidnapped and tortured them. In the theatrical ending, he finds a cure for the virus and dies a hero. Since Smith apparently dies in the original, it’s unclear how he will appear in this film – whether it’s a prequel, a twist on the original ending, or something else.

I Am Legend grossed $256.4 million in the US and $585 million worldwide. Featuring Smith and Jordan, this highly anticipated sequel could be a big hit for Warner Bros.

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