WizKids’ Announces Gargantuan Red Dragon Miniature Coming This Year

Wizkids has unveiled to IGN their next massive monster that will dominate your gaming table. The “miniature” Gargantuan Red Dragon should hit stores in June for $400.

After the success of last year’s giant Tiamat as well as giant arveiaturaka releases, the tabletop RPG accessories developer will continue its line of premium giant dragons with the ancient red dragon Balagos, Flying Flame. You can pre-order this monster through Amazon or Store WizKids.While all WizKids giant dragons are impressively large for what a miniature usually is, the Balagos sculpture positions the miniature as the tallest model with outstretched wings that stand nearly 18.5 inches tall from base to tip.

You can find the full dimensions of the fire breathing behemoth below:

Base to horns – 9.5 inches

Ruffle from base to top of neck – 10.25 inches

From the base to the tip of the wing – 16.5″ (left-wing) or 18.25″ (right-wing)

Wingspan – 23.5 inches

Giant Red Dragon WizKids, Balagos, Flying Flame Rendering Gallery

“After the success of Gargantuan White, Arveiaturace, we knew we had a fan hit,” said Patrick O’Hagan, executive producer of WizKids RPGs. “For our next dragon, we wanted to continue BIG and released Balagos, the Flying Flame. Balagtas is one of the most famous red dragons in the Forgotten Realms… posing the most fearsome threat to even the strongest characters.”

Rendering of a Balagos miniature next to the standard 12 oz. soda can.

Rendering of a Balagos miniature next to the standard 12 oz. soda can. In the standard Dungeons & Dragons The Forgotten Realms setting, Balagos was something of a tyrant, even by chromatic dragon standards. His megalomaniac whims eventually led him to the conclusion that he should rule over all dragonkind and lead the extermination of the human and elven races. So, you know, the perfect antagonist to collapse in front of your players with a heavy, unexpected thud.

Desktop Miniatures for Critical Roles (Second Wave)

WizKids' 2022 Critical Role miniatures include recognizable creatures, monsters, and characters from the Critical Role campaign setting, as well as even a Matt Mercer DM miniature.  The set includes several new monsters introduced in <a href="https://darringtonpress.com/taldorei-campaign-setting-reborn/">New Tal'dorei Handbook: Rebirth</a> from Darrington Press.<br><br>  you can find <a href="https://zdcs.link/w20gp">Critical Role Thumbnails at Amazon</a> or for pre-order <a href="https://wizkids.com/critical-role-wave-2/">directly from WizKids</a>.

If you’re looking to collect more massive items for your tabletop RPG, you can also check out WizKids’ excellent giant set called simply Tower or his Walking Knight of the Deep. If you’re more into giant monsters, why not get ready for different a monstrous mini WizKids is on the horizon: the infamous Tarrasque.

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