Wordle March 17 (271) answer guide

Need to figure out Wordle’s answer on March 17 (271)?

Grey, yellow and green wordle squares quickly replace traffic lights in my memory. Luckily, the yellow and green still align, so I won’t be accidentally passing through any intersections anytime soon. If you’re anything like me, getting to grips with Wordle can be a real challenge some days. And ruining your winning streak is a pain. No one will judge you for lending a helping hand here.

Or maybe you just made the last guess and need to look at the Wordle archive to get a sense of the words of the past? No matter what the reason, I’ll have your back. So here’s the clue and the full answer if you’re correctly puzzled. And if you have no idea what this whole Wordle is about, I have a breakdown on that too.

Wordle March 17: Useful advice

You go out on them with a date, but you can also catch him at home. They used to be made mostly in California, but now there are versions everywhere from Toronto to Atlanta, as well as in India and Korea.

Today’s answer Wordle 271

Sometimes you just want to win. So, to keep you in the loop – or keep your winning streak alive – Wordle’s response from March 17th: MOVIE.

How Wordle works

In Wordle, you are given five empty fields to work with, and you need to figure out which five-letter secret word fits those fields using no more than six guesses.

Start with a word like “INCREASE” – which is good because it contains three regular vowels and does not contain repeated letters. Press Enter and the fields will show you which letters you entered correctly and which did not.

If the box turns into ⬛️, that letter is not in the secret word at all. 🟨 means that the letter is in the word but in the wrong place. 🟩 means that you have nailed the letter, it is in the word and in the right place.

On the next row, repeat the process for your next guess, using what you learned from the previous guess. You have six tries and can only use real words (so you don’t have to fill in the EEEEE fields to see if there’s an E).

Wordle was originally conceived by software engineer Josh Wardle as a surprise for his partner who loves word games. From there it spread to his family and was finally made public. It wasn’t long before he became so popular that he was sold to the New York Times for seven figures. Of course, it’s only a matter of time before we all communicate exclusively in three-color boxes.

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