World of Tanks studio fires creative director who voiced support for Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

World of Tanks Wargaming has fired creative director Sergei Burkatovsky for his public support for Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Burkatovsky said in a now-deleted Facebook post following the Russian attack that he supports “the operation of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, the DPR [Donetsk People’s Republic] and LNR [Luhansk People’s Republic]The Belarusian company Wargaming, which employs hundreds of developers in Kyiv, quickly denied this claim, according to the Russian gaming website. that the statement is “his personal opinion, which categorically disagrees with the position of the company.” The studio added that it is now “focused on helping our 550+ Kiev colleagues and their families.”

The situation escalated a day later when Burkatovsky posted another message. facebook a message that he “broke up with VG”. (Some sites translated “VG” to “WG”, indicating Wargaming.) Wargaming later confirmed his departure in a statement emailed to PC Gamer.

“Sergey Burkatovsky expressed his personal opinion on social networks, which categorically does not reflect the position of the company,” said a Wargaming representative. “He has been fired and is no longer with the company.”

Wargaming also clarified the change in World of Tanks online advertising policy, which has recently become not entirely clear. statement sent to branches. When the invasion began, all advertising for Wargaming was stopped worldwide; The studio also decided to redesign its promotional materials, removing images of advancing tanks and other military equipment. He recently resumed advertising with new assets, but maintains a commercial break in Ukraine “because we find it inappropriate and tactless to advertise our games while he is at the center of this conflict.”

As the battle for control of the capital continues, Kyiv-based studio Wargaming has donated 30 million hryvnia ($1 million) Ukrainian Red Cross.

“At Wargaming, the safety of our employees is a top priority. Currently, all available company resources help and support our 550+ colleagues: providing them with alternative housing, early salary payments, additional funds for travel and relocation, ”said a Wargaming representative.

“We help the families of our employees travel to neighboring countries and arrange accommodation for them. And finally, today Wargaming Kyiv is donating $1 million to the Ukrainian Red Cross. These funds will be used to support Ukrainian hospitals and doctors, those citizens who have been displaced and other vital activities of the humanitarian organization as needed.”

Wargaming said it would offer further support for humanitarian relief efforts “if the situation calls for it.”

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