WoW Shadowlands Final Raid Cinematic Teases An Even Bigger Threat And Not Much Else

A new in-game cinematic that plays at the end of World of Warcraft’s Shadowlands

Final Raid reveals the true intentions behind the Jailer’s eternal goal of rewriting all of reality. And it’s safe to say he has quite a few fans. not happy. The final three bosses of the Tomb of the First raid were unlocked earlier today. Unlike most raids, the final skirmishes of the game’s final raid were locked. For an additional week and could not be tested on the public test realm. This meant players went into battle largely unaware of what was coming. Leading to rampant speculation about the Jailer’s plans. What the raid’s ending could mean for future expansions, and more. However, the response seems to have caused most players to leave Shadowlands behind. Spoilers below.

In the cutscene that plays at the end of the raid, the Jailer, aka Zovaal, sits defeated. On his knees, he recalls the events that led to his exile, including the memory of Primus asking what motivated Zovaal to betray the Shadowlands and attempt to break the afterlife cycle. His answer?

“The shattered cosmos will not survive what is to come,”

Zavala says defiantly. He then disappears into the present, replaced by the mechanical shell of his former self. The portal to the Shadowlands above Icecrown Citadel closes. End of cinema. If players were hoping to get a glimpse of where the next expansion to the game would take them (due to be released on April 19th), this trailer is disappointing. But it also brings a disappointing end to what has been a widely disliked villain and expansion in general.

Zavala has long been considered the ultimate bad guy,

And Blizzard has made this character the true inspiration behind vast swathes of Warcraft lore, from Arthas becoming the Lich King to the creation of the planet-destroying Burning Legion. Players have long wondered what the character’s true motives were as a result. Ultimately, for Zovaal’s big-bad 4D chess plan to have a previously unheard-of villain waiting for backstage (a role the Jailer himself played in several expansions) seems like a disservice to what could theoretically be the case. was an interesting villain.

Instead, the Jailer seemed like nothing more than a stepping stone to a bigger and more dangerous foe, which makes the fact that he’s now inextricably linked to the major defining moments of the Warcraft universe all the more disappointing for fans. The cutscene revealing Zovaal’s fate is just one of two cutscenes that play during the Tomb of the First raid, with the other featuring the Alliance king turned minion of Zovaal, Anduin Wrynn. This cinematic left fans wanting more, especially in regards to how it treats classic Warcraft villain Arthas.

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