Xbox Exclusive Microsoft Flight Sim Trailer Hypes Cloud Release With PlayStation Controller Footage

The appeal of cloud gaming for Xbox is becoming ever more relevant. Microsoft Flight Simulator, a very ambitious game with significant hardware requirements, is now playable on original Xbox One hardware thanks to Xbox Cloud Gaming. This is the Xbox Series X version of Microsoft Flight Simulator, so players can expect high quality and a good experience as long as their internet connection is strong and stable enough to support it. The trailer announcing the cloud version shows off more of what to expect, including how it supports all sorts of wireless controllers, including Sony’s DualShock.
In the cloud, Microsoft Flight Simulator runs at a maximum speed of 1080p/30fps, and of course, there is no need for a local installation because it plays in the cloud. In addition, Microsoft Flight Simulator is now playable not only on consoles but also on lower-spec mobile phones, tablets, and PCs that might otherwise not be able to support it.

Microsoft also clarified that Microsoft Flight Simulator’s cloud multiplayer is “identical” when compared to PC and Xbox Series X|S. All players, no matter what platform they are on, will fly in the same airspace.
In addition, Microsoft Flight Simulator World Updates 1-VI is available via the cloud, and without exception, purchases made on another device are transferred to the cloud.
Microsoft Flight Simulator is available through Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, which also includes access to cloud streaming.
Xbox Cloud Gaming is in the spotlight of Microsoft because the audience for traditional consoles is limited. There are many more mobile phones, tablets, and PCs on the market, and Microsoft is committed to growing the Xbox brand by meeting gamers where they are. That’s why Microsoft doesn’t really care if you buy an Xbox console or not.
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