Xbox Quick Resume Update Makes Enjoying Game Pass Easier

Xbox Series X and S have many nice little things which look small on paper but greatly improve the gameplay in practice. One of them is Quick Resume, which makes it easy to switch between multiple games at the same time. the new update makes it even more durable.

Currently, Quick Resume allows you to run multiple games in the background. For example, if you are in the middle of Halo: Infinitycampaign and want to go to a quick round Darkest Dungeon you can back off, load a new game, and then select Halo: Infinity direct backup from where you left off at any time without restarting the game.

But perfection is still far away. There is no easy way to keep track of when adding a new game to Quick Resume will load an old one, or choose which game will close. The latest Microsoft Series X/S update added a new feature called “Pin to Quick Resume” to fix this issue. This will allow you to flag up to two games so that they stay in quick resumes no matter what. For me, it would be now Dying Light 2 as well as FAR: changing tides (Which is great, by the way.)

This is especially useful in the Game Pass context where I switch between several new games every week just to try them out. While not every game supports this feature, it’s mostly an auto-save state for those that do, and as with things like smart delivery it turned out to be really nice to have.

The March update adding Quick Resume Pins for Xbox Series X/S also added an audio tweak tool to help you automatically optimize your audio settings, and now lets you remap the Share button on your Xbox controller. Now if only you could use the share button to take screenshots of the main menu.

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