Xbox Series S Is on Sale for $50 Off

The last batch of game consoles was not easy to find in stock. This has only changed recently , and is only for Xbox Series S and Nintendo Switch OLED, both can often be found in stock at various retailers. But right now, for the first time, you can get an Xbox Series S. on sale for $249.99, a full $50 off MSRP. The deal is live on Woot and is only available today while stocks last. If you could use one, now is the time to grab it. This is the best Xbox Series S deal we’ve ever seen.

Xbox Series S: Save $50

Woot is owned by Amazon and Amazon Prime members get free shipping on the deal (you can register here). Otherwise, shipping is $6, which still conveniently puts it in “the best Xbox Series S deal we’ve ever seen” territory.

The Xbox Series S is Microsoft’s latest-generation digital console model. It can run all the same games as the Series X but does so at a lower resolution, making it a good choice for people who aren’t planning on upgrading to a 4K TV anytime soon. It’s also a good second console for those who may not have constant access to their main TV (Thanksroommates/children/etc.).

Being a digital console, the Series S does not have a disc drive, which means that only downloadable games can be played on it. This is normal for many people, especially if you follow Xbox Game Pass, giving you access to a huge library of Xbox games, including all the top-notch titles on day one. This means you can play games like Halo Infinite and Forza Horizon 5, as well as a lot of indie and third-party games like The Sims 4 and Back 4 Blood (and other games, potentially even ones that don’t have a number four).

This is by far the best deal we’ve ever seen on a new generation console. Actually, this is one of Only We’ve seen more deals. So if you want, grab it. It probably won’t last long.

You can check out our comprehensive Xbox Series S review for more information.

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