Xbox Series X and S Can Now Download Updates in Energy Saver Mode

Microsoft announced a series of new efforts for sustainability, including software updates for their consoles that encourage users to switch to more power-efficient settings. Xbox Series consoles put into power-saving mode can now download updates to help mitigate some of the environmental issues associated with electrical devices left in standby mode. Power Saver Mode consumes about 20 times less power than Instant-On Mode, but it was previously unable to download system and software updates automatically.

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Demonstrating its faith in the new update, Microsoft has made Power Saving Mode the default option when players initially set up their Xbox consoles.

Of course, the instant-on mode still has some benefits, allowing the Xbox to go from shutdown to login within seconds. However, using the power-saving method is much better for the environment and will save users money on their energy bills.

Xbox’s other sustainability efforts include making the company carbon-negative, water-repellent, and zero-waste by 2030. By then, it will aim to ensure that all Xbox products and packaging are 100% recyclable in certain countries. Xbox Series S and Xbox controllers are now also made from recycled plastic.

In our 8/10 review, IGN said, “The Xbox Series X is a quiet, compact, laser-guided gaming machine that should make 4K/60fps gaming the great new normal, but it still lacks games to play; like from competitors. .”

On the other hand, we gave the Xbox Series S a 7/10, stating that it “has its place and can shine like a second console, but it’s hard to recommend as a mainstream gaming platform due to its 1440p resolution and claustrophobic storage capacity.” .”

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