Xbox Series X|S Consoles Can Now Download Updates In Energy Saver Mode

Xbox Series X|S consoles can now download updates in hardware power-saving mode

Which greatly reduces the power consumption of these devices when they are idle. Previously, only the Instant-On mode on Xbox Series consoles could automatically receive software updates, but this new change announced by Microsoft is intended to encourage users to lead a more energy-efficient lifestyle in line with their gaming habits.

Microsoft has also made Power Saving Mode the default option when first setting up a new Xbox Series console. While Instant-On has its benefits, Power Save Mode uses about 20 times less power when it’s not installing updates. It may take a few seconds longer to start playing games if your console has been idle all night, but every little step counts when it comes to reducing your carbon footprint.

To activate the power saving mode,

All you have to do is go to settings select¬†Sleep and Start and¬†then select energy saver. Other Sustainability Efforts from Microsoft were aimed at making the company negative in terms of carbon emissions, positive water, and zero waste by 2030. controllers are now built from recycled plastic materials. In other Xbox news, the recent March update also improved the console’s quick resume feature. Players can now pin two games to Quick Resume, meaning they’ll always be available instantly, and other minor updates include the ability to remap the Share button on the Xbox controller. A new audio setup program has also been added.

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