XDefiant drops Tom Clancy branding as public testing signups open

Tom Clancy’s XDefiant was introduced in 2021 as Ubisoft’s free-to-play answer to Call of Duty multiplayer:

a competitive 6v6 military FPS featuring factions from the Tom Clancy Splinter Cell, Ghost Recon, and The Division franchises. The title didn’t exactly blow up the world, but the gameplay looked good; Early beta tests took place in August 2021. And anyone could (and still can) register for future testing sessions. Though nothing has been reported since.

This will apparently change in the near future as Ubisoft announced the upcoming “Insider sessions for XDefiant, allowing members of the public to participate in testing sessions with and against developers. Testing will begin with a small number of participants on PC (exact number not specified) and expand to more players etc. platforms as tests progress.

Another interesting development

Revealed by the Insider Sessions announcement is that the Tom Clancy branding has disappeared. The name of the game, as reflected in the logo, is now simply XDefiant, and Ubisoft stated that testing sessions will feature “factions from games outside of the Tom Clancy universe. With these changes, the game will now be called XDefiant.” Presumably, these factions will be added to the existing groups based on Tom Clancy: Echelon (Splinter Cell), Wolves (Ghost Recon), Purifiers (The Division), and Outcasts (also The Division).

Here are the old and new XDefiant logos:

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(Image credit: Ubisoft)

To register for the XDefiant Insider Sessions,

Go to playxdefiant.com and click the corresponding button. Previous test registrations will be kept, but Ubisoft recommends that you double-check to make sure you’ve registered. And if you do get in, please note that all of this remains under the NDA. defiant isn’t the only Ubisoft game launching the Insiders program. Ubisoft also recently announced one of these for the long-awaited swashbuckling sim Skull and Bones.

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