You can finally pause Elden Ring with this simple mod

You cannot pause in Elden Ring. Why? Because it’s a FromSoftware game, and FromSoftware thinks it adds a bit of complexity. That’s all well and good for those who want to challenge their bladder in a mid-boss fight, but when there’s a pizza delivery at the door, the “no pause” thing instantly goes from cute to a higher-order crisis. Luckily, modder TechieW came to the rescue just a few days after launch. simple mod which adds a pause button to the PC version of Elden Ring. It’s pretty easy to install and works really well. Look:

There is only one catch at the moment that applies to all Elden Ring mods: you need to disable Easy Anti-Cheat in order for the game to run properly with the mod installed. This is a quick process and easily reversible if you follow. this is a handy guide from Windows Central. Disabling EAC will also launch the game offline, which means co-op and invasions are disabled, and you won’t see player messages or bloodstains either.

If you’ve been plodding through Worlds Between with your co-op mates, then the pause mod is probably not worth the hassle, but if you’re a single-handed parent poking Elden Ring and need the ability to quit everything at a moment’s notice. , is the perfect solution.

As Nexus Mods user MooseDef points out in a mod post Comments, pausing is also great for taking screenshots, although there is a big “Game Paused” menu on the screen by default. Mod author Techie said that there is a (untested) way to get rid of the screen message by deleting the mod’s “hook_textures” and “hook_fonts” folders in the Elden Ring game folder. I actually couldn’t take screenshots by normal means while the game was paused (Steam’s screenshot key didn’t do anything until I unpaused, as did my Nvidia Shadowplay hotkey), but OBS worked fine.

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