You can now check to see if your Steam Deck will ship in Q3

Steam decks are out in the wild now, but if you didn’t pre-order last year within the first few minutes of availability, chances are you’re still not sure when you’ll get it. Valve has been a bit clearer about when some Steam decks will arrive. update today. Some caveats that were previously covered by a vague “after Q2” window are now scheduled for a more specific third quarter.

“We’ve been working hard to increase the number of Steam decks we can produce this year, and we now have more clarity on our long-term production schedule,” Valve wrote. “As a result, in addition to Q1 and Q2, reservists can now see if they are in the Q3 order availability window. you can check Steam Deck Product Page (when logging in) to see the booking window.

If you find that you have a Q3 reservation, that means you should receive an email with your Steam deck order by the end of September. Valve now sends order emails on Mondays every week.

In today’s update, Valve added that it is “looking into” making the Steam deck available in more countries by the end of 2022, including Japan. It is currently available in the US, Canada, UK, and EU.

If you try to reserve the Steam deck today, the expected order availability will be listed as “after Q3 2022”, which means it’s still possible – but definitely not guaranteed – you can get the deck this year.

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