You can now install Windows on the Steam Deck

One of Valve’s big promises ahead of the launch of Steam Deck was that just like any normal PC, you can clean up the OS and install another one of your choices, like Windows. Windows drivers weren’t ready to launch Steam Deck, but now they are: Valve announced in a Blog post-Thursday¬†that the deck is ready to run on Windows, but with some limitations.

You can do a full install of Windows with drivers, but dual boot is not possible right now. “While Steam Deck is fully dual-bootable, the SteamOS installer that provides the dual-boot wizard is not yet ready,” Valve wrote. The current drivers are only compatible with Windows 10 because Windows 11 “requires a new BIOS that is currently in development (which provides TPM support) and will ship soon.”

One final caveat: Steam Deck GPU, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi will work, but audio is currently limited to USB-C or Bluetooth output. Speakers and 3.5mm headphone jack do not output sound.

This Windows Resource Page includes downloads for drivers and some quick installation instructions. There is also a separate page for Repairing a SteamOS Installation if you screw up and need to go back to a clean slate.

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